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Now, itfs showing the trading of Mr. Monkey,who is an FX master , Live!!
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Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ
It all depends on the market, but at least 1 to 3 times a day and more than 10 at the most, around 3 to 5 times a day average. This system delivers the best position by following certain rules. So, if the market is not meeting the rules, there may be no position signals. Please understand that it may be very risky to trade in those circumstances. 
Basically the goal is for day trades, swing trades, scalping, etc in short-term , so the draw-downs wonft be too large. Also, usually every position has a stop, except when using certain type of trade technique. 
I cannot answer the question since it is our company secret, but we deliver the best signals from many of the great system trades combined with human judgements. Some say mixing human judgements is not good, but there are fake signals and false analysis in any great system trade. We supply signals carefully selected by the masters, and this enables us to deliver signals far superior to other automatic trading systems.
Yes, it is clearly stated for every position.
In Japanese time, about 4pm to 1am is the best time. Or there is no problem for any 24-hour traders.
Very easy!! Just open and close positions when Mr. Monkey informs you the simple and clear buy-sell signals. 
Loss cut points are clear for every position, so there is no instruction for averaging except for rare situation.
Please feel secure, since we deliver the best signals from the great system trades mixed with trade masters' judgement. We deliver signals that are far 
more precise than the other regular automatic trade systems'. All the past articles are based on the real positions. Please take a look at the back-numbers. Ifm sure you will fully understand how this service is superior.
Back Number articles are here!
Basically , this is mainly for day and swing trading. When the profit is growing, you may receive instruction based on overall judgement including swaps.Scalping may be the case,too.
No, you may not use one account with more than one user. You Must have one account for each member.
As of now, you can acquire the information only by accessing the memberfs area.
We do not have the above mentioned e-mail service because E-mailing the information causes time lags and reliability problems. We are still researching about it so far, but we are planning to start the service after checking all the posssible problems.
You will hear the sound when the site sends you the position, or any other notice. Therefore, if you put the volume a bit louder, you can watch TV or do other things. 
Although this service has the sound notice ,it is recommened for the people who can at least stay around the computer. Also, this is for the people who have a strong will to increase their profit and are willing to spend enough time for that. 
The price is high,but we came to the conclusion that this is appropriate after our staff had tried various other similar services. Among them are well-known " Artificial Intelligence" , " Signals w
For any questions, please contact us. click here!
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It may lead to serious risk to believe in "Mr. Monkey" too much.Please control your risk with your knowledge and experience.This site does not recommend nor mediate investments.Please invest at your own risk and responsibility.This site will not take any responsibility for any results. 
CJM again reminds you that Forex trading is risky and may not be suitable for all investors.

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