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Now, itfs showing the trading of Mr. Monkey,who is an FX master , Live!!
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From Representative

Thank you very much for visiting CJM.
I am the web master of CYBERJUNKYMONKEY.COM .My name is Takayuki Kimura. (a.k.a. Kimutaka)

Well, it is really difficult to continue winning in the greal marketh ,including gFXhc

Even the gSignal News Serviceh, which is supposed to have high winning rates, canft handle draw downs, nor use high leverages. 
And if you apply tight stops, the winning rate falls dramaticallyc. 
Besides,It's difficult to make full use of the system "somebody else" have built. 
I believe many of you have the similar experience. Unfortunately, I am one of you.

Searching for powerful and reliable technique to earn 3% profit every dayc I worked almost 24 hours a day.
 I tested every technical analysis tools and tried my own rules over and over again,but couldnft get any result from it. 
It was mostly because I couldn't find a system which could adjust to the real market trend changes.
Also, I couldnft detect the changes in markets, and couldn't find the right technique to solve itc.

In the whole FX market, only 5 to 10% of the traders are supposed to be making profit.
Among those 5 to 10% , there are very few who make extreme profit. Unless I find a way to become one of those super-winners, 
I realized that increasing the assets by an average of 3% compound interest every day would be extremely difficult.

Let me introduce myself.
I am just before 30 years old.
5 years ago, I moved to Hawaii from Japan as a student. Currently, after acquiring a working visa, 
I established a web system company here in Hawaii and manage to live on my own.
It is not easy for a Japanese to continue chasing the American Dream.

Hawaii has the highest price level in U.S. but labor wage is very low.
It is not often seen in Japan, but in Hawaii people work in the morning and work again in the evening..... meaning they need 2 jobs to support their living.On the other hand, from the owner clan of Sony to an Arab oil magnate, the rich people who are beyond imagination monopolize upper class residential area on the seaside. For average people, it is very very difficult to acquire this fantastic nature and climate.

Because of that, here in Hawaii we have mysterious people ,like you donft know what they do for livingc. Seems like theyfre not working, just sitting back and taking it easy during the day, but have money in their pocket. 

I got to know these mysterious wealthy people through a friend of mine.
He himself lives in a beach front condo in super upper class residential area, owns a huge house on marina front with a cruiser dock and a swimming pool. In addition, he owns a Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and BMW, etc. each worth over $120,000. 

One day he invited me to his place and what I saw there were tons of big screen monitors in his computer room. 
An apartment in the super rich seaside was a trading room for exclusive use of an individual, and they were professional FX traders.
I still can't forget the shock when I first opened that door.

Since I got to know them, being the same nationality and being younger,they came to care about me time to time. I knew the special knowledge about FX was worth a lump of gold, so I was avoiding to ask them a core know-how as courtesy. However, back then, my trading result was so poor, I decided to talk to them. 
PjMaking positions just by general signals of technical analysis tool is very risky, not just because of false signal problems.
QjMake positions where you can judge how much you can lose clearly and tightly .
RjMake sure to have a several different techniques and apply it according to the real market situation.
SjTrade with an outlook on market.
TjIt is difficult to win constantly unless you have all of above-mentioned conditions.
However, currently I do not have anything mentioned above with me. 
Thereafter, whenever there was possibility for good entry position, they gave me a call ,and because of that ,I have made a good profit.

One day when I visited his trading room once again to replace the OS, the amazing fact happened right in front of my eyes.
They were testing their new trade techniques throughout the night in demo trading
While I was working on replacing the OS for about 8 hours, I was looking at his trade and he made 100 pips in no time. He said with a smile gItfs been about 26 hours since the test started. The fund got doubled. Well, staying up all night makes me kind of tired, huh.h
Surprised by the fact that the fund was doubled in a day, I asked him about how he made the positions. Leverage was always 30 times the fund, maximum draw down was 45 pips including spread. Trade only in GBP/JPY. Hold long or short positions depending on the situation.Total profit for a day was 300 pips. They had similar results from the tests a week later.  
And he said with a smile again, gThe market was going well and it was the demo so I could do it easily. 
But in a real live situation, you can't do it like this.h 
This was so amazing for me.

Later, I was thinking of ideas about a commercial web site which is my main business.
As a result of having thoughts in various ways, I ended up with an idea to open a business site in "FX" field, and came up with this "PeepingSystem".

I began to think it would be perfect if I could have their cooperation and have them teach me the trading timings .
However, they do not have to get profit from such a business. 
They listened to my plan but the answer was gWe donft want to carry someone elsefs responsibilities, because the movements in the market sometimes betray predictions. We want to trade when we like to trade with ease, and donft want to attract unnecessary attention.hAs I had expected, they showed disapproval with this plan.
But at last with my enthusiasm, passion and sympathy I was able to move those peoplefs heart. 
PjI do not reveal social position and the information of those people.
QjThey can trade varieties of currency pairs.
RjThey can trade whenever they want to. 
SjThey are not responsible for the result of trading, winning or losing.
TjWhen it becomes too much of a burden for them, they can stop any time.
UjNo trading technique and no trading history are made public.
Finally, they agreed to support my company on the condions above.
This is how I was able to make this unique "signal service" which allows you to peep in the real live trading by the "Master".

You can see back test results in common signal service sites for FX day trading. Please take a good look at them.
You will notice there are draw downs around 100 pips here and there.
And at the front page of the site, they show you the high winning percentageafter accepting all those draw downs.
However, when you become a member, a manual is distributed and the stop is regulated about 20~40 pips. (Some companies donft supply clear stops).

If you calculate under the stops above, the winning rate will fall around 20% from what 's shown on the site front. 
In FX,especially in day trading, in order to make real profit, I think it is most important to have high winning percentage after dealing with major draw downs using stops.If this is not clear, you canft fully utilize the leverage.
We, CJM, do not release any back test data nor dealing technique. 
However, we will expose the result of every day trade on the site ,like any sports match result in the newspaper. Please judge how this system is superior by checking the back numbers. 

A big success for CJM depends on how we can deliver better signals and help the tradings for all of you. 
I will make an effort to the maximum!!! Thank you very much!!

CYBERJUNKYMONKEY.COM Manager Takayuki Kimura
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