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Privacy Policy of cyberjunkymonkey.com

When using this site, the customer may be asked to supply personal information (for example, he/she may voluntarily and independently choose to sign up for on-line membership, complete surveys, make inquiries or request for mail to be sent to him/her etc).

The information we ask for is normally the customer's personal information, such as Customer Name, Email address, Telephone Number, Address etc. Such information is necessary to allow cyberjunkymonkey.com to provide our services, or to give information about them.

Please understand before submitting customer information that it may be supplied to a third party according to the type of service required. (For example, when requesting payment from the customer for site usage, we will inform our bank or credit card company of the customer's name and credit card number).

cyberjunkymonkey.com fully acknowledges and respects the importance of responsible usage of this information. If the customer does not wish the information supplied to cyberjunkymonkey.com to be used to notify him/her about promotions and special services offered by cyberjunkymonkey.com or other websites run by affilated companies, and when the customer clearly states these wishes, then cyberjunkymonkey.com will respect this. Furthermore, cyberjunkymonkey.com may selectively supply customer information to other companies or organisations supplying goods and services which we think will be of interest to the customer. In cases where the customer does not wish the information supplied to cyberjunkymonkey.com to be passed on to other companies, and when the customer has made their wishes with regard to this clear to cyberjunkymonkey.com, we will respect the customer's wishes.

cyberjunkymonkey.com will take all necessary measures over reasonable boundaries to protect the privacy of all customers visiting this site. Customers may supply highly personal information (such as their credit card numbers etc) whilst using the site and in such cases we will protect this information by using encryption methods.

cyberjunkymonkey.com may revise the above policy. In such cases we will display all revisions on this site.


Cookies enable the user to revisit sites provided by cyberjunkymonkey.com more conveniently. They do not infringe upon the customer's privacy, nor will they have any adverse effects on the customer's computer.

cyberjunkymonkey.com may collect information on overall trends and patterns of users' behavior contained in cookies of visitors to this site. The information collected will be used by cyberjunkymonkey.com (and companies we commission to undertake research analysis) to analyse access trends and therefore to provide an improved customer service. Please rest assured that the information collected will be kept secret and handled separately from customers' personal information.

If the customer does not wish information relating to him/herself to be collected, then it is possible to disenable the use of cookies through internet browser settings. However, it is essential that cookies are enabled in order to use certain parts of our service. We strongly recommend the enabling of cookies to make the best use of the functions of our site. Please consult the manufacturer with regard to methods of browser settings.

cyberjunkymonkey.com cannot be held responsible for the contents or privacy settings of outside websites linked to cyberjunkymonkey.com, or other sites run by our company.

Date of issuance of this release: June25, 2007.

2007 cyberjunkymonkey.com

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It may lead to serious risk to believe in "Mr. Monkey" too much.Please control your risk with your knowledge and experience.This site does not recommend nor mediate investments.Please invest at your own risk and responsibility.This site will not take any responsibility for any results. 
CJM again reminds you that Forex trading is risky and may not be suitable for all investors.

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